Andy and Aaron Sanchez Art in the form of furniture

About the Juniper

“We only use dead-standing (totally dead tree that is upright or fallen) wood for our furniture. The wood that is harvested for us has been dead for approximately 60 years or more.  This ensures that it is well cured and stable.” The whole process is very eco friendly. Every piece is carried out of the mountains in order not to scar the forest floor by dragging logs across it.

The Harvest

Dead Standing JuniperMilling
Salvaged dead-standing trees are harvested in the national forests of New Mexico. Our wood cutters work together in this endeavor. One of them will act as the scout, walking many miles searching for these precious trees. Though live trees are common, the dead-standing trees are rare because they are generally harvested for firewood.

Our Woodcutters
--Dead Standing Alligator Juniper--

The next step is to cut the massive trees into individual slices enabling them to be carried out of the forest. The chainsaw operator, requires a great deal of skill to insure that our slabs are straight and level and he is one of the best.

The trees they harvest are several hundred years old, some even dating back before Columbus. They have survived forest fires, drought, and many other natural occurrences. We take these beautiful trees that are destined for firewood and preserve them for you and your family to enjoy for many more generations. Because they have been dead up to 60 or more years, the wood has been naturally cured, making it very stable.

Salvaging Alligator Juniper

You will not find this kind of furniture anywhere else in the world....each piece of our juniper furniture is unique because it is designed around the individual character of the wood.